Before booking your appointment these are some things to consider:

  • What service best fits your desired outcome? You can view a detailed list of all of the services under the tab ‘Services’

  • What is your color maintenance level? (4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 8+ weeks)

  • What is your budget?

  • How much time do you have for your appointment?

  • What is your color history? Providing a detailed history of any past color on the hair from the last 2 years.


Please carefully read all policies before booking an appointment listed under the tab ‘Policies’.


Heart and Soul Studio books all new appointments via TEXT message during business hours only. All questions listed above would be helpful at booking the correct appointment for you! You can read more about appointment inquires under the ‘Policies’ tab.


All corrective color appointments please carefully read all corrective service information under the ‘services’ tab.

Education on color lifting:

There are 10+ natural levels of lift, 10 being lightest blonde and 1 being black.

Please note that to achieve the lighter blondes, it may take several appointments to get you there. Everyone has a different starting level, which will result in a different outcome depending on said level.

Even the "simplest" color may take several sessions to achieve. Open communication and patience is essential to success. Please feel free to reference this color guide during your consultation at Heart and Soul Studio.


When we strip (bleach/lighten) the hair, the orange, yellow and red colors above are the underlying pigments. These are the stages of lift the hair goes through depending on your current starting level.

It is important to tone with the same level of depth as to what your hair has lifted to. These tones are unavoidable but can be neutralized temporarily with a gloss/toner. Maintenance for a toner/gloss is every 3-5 weeks to keep any unwanted underlying pigment or undertone neutralized. Using a recommended take home (shampoo/conditioner) will help with the longevity of your color and gloss appointment.


For ANY questions please feel free to text the number listed under ‘Policies’ or ‘Contact’